i love to fail

I have failed at countless things.

Somewhere along this journey, trying out multiple things – with sheer curiosity and enthusiasm has become a healthy habit which has taught me to embrace failures.

A few days back, I was thinking about one such failure that had a massive impact on my journey and changed how I felt about things.

Failures are beautiful; if I had a magic wand, I would ask for the courage to fail and learn more and more.

I am referring to this failure as it was a big part of my writing journey. I started writing at a very young age; it became a form of catharsis when I was barely twelve-thirteen.

And through my writings, I’ve found people who have today become a massive part of my life. I found my mentor during my teenage years because of our shared love for words.

And as the “eternally confused” boy, I had numerous conversations with her, my mentor, about what I would want to do in my life.

I have been toying with these big questions, trying to find the “purpose of life” while peeling through my teenage layers, my mentor and I thought Journalism could be a right fit for me after high school.

For the longest time, that’s what I wanted to pursue, and I also applied for Journalism, Psych. & English is the course I wanted to study eight years back.

Life had other plans for me, though; my interviewer at University suggested – Econ, Pol. Sci. & Sociology would be the right choice of subject for me.

At that time, I was driven by my exploratory nature and went ahead with what the interviewer suggested – taking on life as it came and figuring out things one day at a time.

All this while, the journalism bug was still living within me – eagerly waiting to figure out a way to pursue it actively.

Through a friend’s help, I finally got an opportunity to work with a reputed daily in Bangalore as a feature writer. I was excited and took the opportunity head-on right before my semester exams.

I juggled between Luru’s long bus rides, exam prep and old monk.

I could not continue the hustle because, as a shy young kid, I felt no one was around to listen to my ideas, and I shared this feeling with my editor.

She responded with these lines, which have stayed with me as words on a compass:

“When you believe in something strongly, like an idea you have, it is your responsibility to enlist the help of others to see it to fruition.

In this busy world, nobody has the time to stop and ask about your ideas, and nobody can read minds, but if you convince them to spare you a second and if they like your idea, you will find many in this world who will help you to realise your idea :)”

If you believe in something strongly, go for it. This is what I learnt from my brief stint in journalism.


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