i quit my job

I quit my job because I was unhappy.

Five years back, in November 2017 – I left my first job because I was unhappy and also because my family needed me back at home.

It is a difficult choice to make, to decide and leave someplace – you began calling home just five months back. When I started out, it was all smooth flowing and great, especially the first two months – which largely included training.

I guess jobs have their honeymoon period as well – wherein, when you start everything appears – shiny and smooth, and it’s only when you really start that you start realising the small green flags that matter so much for workplaces.

Personally, I tried my best to enquire about all the factors which could have an impact on my work life and yet, I believe somehow I missed out on inquiring about the workplace culture, work hours, policies etc (in an assertive way) and often there is little space created to address questions around these.

Of course, I cannot be generalising, and this is largely a personal experience.

I have friends who have loved their jobs since day one and are continuing to persevere in their respective roles. Though in my journey, I have noticed how enterprises often lack the required resources and intent to build these open spaces where freshers can just come and ask what they have in mind, no matter how naive the question might sound.

This is also evident by the attrition rate we are witnessing currently, in the first half of 2022 – the attrition rate in India was above 22%.

Job Satisfaction is a real metric. After all, we spend more time at work in India than with our family, spouses or friends.

If you are dreading waking up for your next meeting tomorrow morning, then I believe it could be a sign that there is some internal relooking which needs to be done – to check in first with yourself – if you are satisfied with your current career path.

If not, then perhaps making some changes around it – is recommended (Not necessarily drastic changes like quitting, something moderate like addressing or just talking about your dissatisfaction with your leadership team could be a good start).

A few weeks back, I read this post about how factors like – Autonomy, Career Growth, and Regular Challenges worked well for this person to stay at their job for almost a decade.  This is something I could strongly relate to as well, having autonomy, a path you could envision along with your employer about your career growth – are important signals and factor which makes one stick around.

I also see that many of the job roles created in India by foreign MNCs are tertiary in nature i.e. they do not offer much scope to build thinking or leadership capacities rather they exist to support the leadership roles which are operating out of other countries.

Times are changing now, I believe, we as a country are ready to take on leadership roles, instead of tertiary ones.

What are your thoughts?


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