less is more, always

The last three days have helped me rewind, unpack and go back to the philosophy of “Anichya”.

Anichya means impermanence, a reminder of the true nature of the universe.

We live in constant flux, moment-to-moment experiencing a new reality.

And, often so quickly, we get attached to one form of “moh” or another, to the worldly pleasures of the world.

You forget reality as it is and live in a fantasy world. Sometimes these phases last for a week, and sometimes they go on for longer.

These worldly attachments find their space in our work life too. We miss out on living in the present reality of our being, clinging to goals we have achieved or missed out on in the past.

We are forgetting what’s beautiful now and what’s adding value to lives.

Stuti has been reaching out to top community members at Amrutam  , and it’s heartwarming to reconnect with stories and people where we have made even the slightest impact.

One of the customers recently shared that they have been recommending Amrutam Malts & Churnas to the locals, and these Ayurvedic Recipes have worked wonders for them.

I live for these little moments.

Less is more, always.

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