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I have thought of getting a pet over a thousand times now.

And yet, the dilemma – if I will be a good parent or not has stopped me from venturing into the pet parenting journey.

Perhaps, unlike me – the general swing towards the pet care industry is going on full tides. In the past few weeks, I have observed 4-5 pet care brands raising funds and fuelling their growth journey.

Last week, SuperTails raised 10 million USD in their Series A round led by Fireside Ventures. The round saw participation from other marquee d2c investors like DSG Consumer Partners and Saama Capital.

The start-up currently offers teleconsultations with Vets, online behaviour training and pet supplies and has claimed to cross 50 crores INR ARR in the past year of its operations.

This is good news if you are a confused pet parent or just a prospective one. With the current rally in the pet care space – I am assuming that in the future, accessibility to allied services and products around pet care will improve. Behaviour training is an exciting domain into which SuperTails have entered in.

Pet parents, on average, spend 1000 INR monthly. By that estimate, the market size for the pet care industry is 5 billion USD +, with very few brands operating in the organized space.

Interestingly, an Indian Retailer article reports that cultural factors like rapid urbanization and nuclear family set-up are acting as catalysts for the growth of the Pet Care Industry. I also remember discussing with one of my peers how “urban loneliness” is also on the rise post-pandemic, which could be another reason for the rapid boom in space.

Are you a pet parent? Which is your favourite pet care brand?

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