principle of shamelessness

Last month I read a US VC’s post complimenting Indian founders on their “Never Give Up” attitude, he said he is bullish on Indian founders because we are “extremely shameless”.

At first, it was hard to think of this statement as a compliment to Indian leaders and founders.

Shame has become a toxic cultural by-product now, we are constantly being judged, evaluated, and analysed and with the world being data-driven now, shame is not just subjective anymore, it’s being quantified too – if you are not reaching a numerical milestone, then you have not made it and you must feel disappointment and shame.

I accept, some degree of grief, disappointment and shame is healthy too – it helps us reflect on what we could do better.

At the same time, while we live in this culture of scarcity, of dynamically moving goal-posts and the background tunes of self-doubt – I believe it’s very important to celebrate leaders and founders who show up each day, continue the hustle and their belief in their vision and idea – despite the endless roadblocks.

I guess this is where the principle of shamelessness comes in – the ignite the courage in our hearts, just enough, to show up – day after day and put out our work for the world to evaluate and interpret.

I agree, that it’s India’s century now – that we will rise and shine. And, it’s not just India’s century, it’s the whole world’s.

As I write these words, I also think about this book I am reading currently – “Home in the World” – it’s Amartya Sen sir’s memoir, his experiences throughout the last century and in the very first chapter of Sen explains how he was deeply inspired and influenced by Rabindranath Tagore’s thoughts about the whole world is one large family – Vasudhaiva kutumbakam.

Going further Sen expresses his fear for the current global political regime and how the rigid ways of thinking around the world could do more harm than good. These are rational fears that I believe a lot of us could relate to, the current global tensions which are simmering at high temperatures:

• The Russian – Ukraine Situation
• OPEC + Statement on the prices
• Role of Lithium Supply-Chain

These are just a few of the things which could create a butterfly effect on our lives in the coming months.

What are your thoughts?


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