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How can the scale of success be uniform for everyone?

In high school, there used to be a scholars club – everyone who scored above ninety-five per cent would get an “I am such cool scholars badge” and a fancy-ass party in a hotel.

Then began the race of getting into the fantastic club; being an outcast there (barely making above the seventy percentile), I always walked over the periphery with a set of radically left and conscientious ideas.

First, the social structures created these exclusive training clubs – like the scholars club.

And then, as you grow up and start adulting, you are being nudged with more of these clubs.

The “how much do you earn club?”
The “IIT/IIM club.”
The “Foreign MBA club.”
The “Oh! We became a unicorn club.”
The “We raised series x club”

This list of clubs goes on. They have a certain charm based on exclusivity as they are all meritorious clubs.

Though, merit, too, depends on where you start from, right?

How can we have a uniform success scale if each candidate’s starting point is different?

To quote the cliche “Socho agar Lata Mangeshkar ke papa ne bola hota tu cricketer bann, yaa Sachin ke papa ne bola hota ke singer bann toh socho dono kitney burey hote apne apne field mein”

Much like market bubbles, these exclusive clubs too, are bubbles – brewed upon what the external world and media think is cool—based upon what will get the most clicks and engagement.

You define what success means to you, it could be unique as you want it to be, and it’s okay if no one gets it – only you need to get it and value it.

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