December has been gloomy.

If you are a regular reader here, you’d have noticed I have been MIA since past one week or so.

The first ten days of December have not been very kind healthwise, it was a struggle with dental health and I have been prescribed a root canal treatment which will be happening in coming weeks.

And before I could fully recover from the nerve shaking toothache, the weather here has chosen to surprise me again.

There is an average ten degree drop here as winters have begun to arrive in full swing.

Naturally, it’s time to pause, rest and build immunity. Often these health symptoms are reminders from our body, to pause and snuggle in and take care of your inner emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Here are a few things I’ve included in my routine to make December healthier:

• For the toothache, I was struggling with – I switched to a natural alternative – Dentkey Manjan which contains Walnut Bark, Camphor and Neem.

My toothache is all gone without the need for antibiotics thankfully.

• For immunity, I have promised myself to start my mornings with Ashwagandha infused Honey (Madhupanchamrut) with warm water.

• I have switched to warm water completely, it helps my gut and also keeps me energetic throughout the day.

• In evenings, I have started taking Amrutam ‘s Ashtavarg Chawanprash.

How is December for you?

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