why is training important at startups?

Training is one of the most important processes while building your organisation from the ground up.

Once you hit your MVP and start scaling, the second step after hiring, which becomes crucial, is having training processes and SOPs that would help your team leverage the founder’s experience.

Being from a small city and starting at a point when remote was not the culture, hiring was a big challenge for us.

We started hiring locally for roles like Customer Happiness and Logistics.

I vividly remember the first day when a few of these folks joined:

• They were familiar with the digital world.
• Coming from Gwalior, where English is the third or fourth preferred language – they were not very confident communicating in English.

This was all in 2019, and fast forward to the end of 2023; the same folks at Amrutam are now managing and leading nuanced software like ERP; one is learning how to use a DSLR, and the possibilities are endless.

This is growth where an organisation can create opportunities for local talent to be occupied in a newer set of jobs.

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