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  • पार्ले जी बिस्कुट

    ज़िंदगी एक चायें,में डूबे पार्ले जी बिस्कुट,की तरह हो गयी है कुछ सपने हैंकुछ तन्हाई हैं पहले चायें की सिसकियोंका मज़ा हैं फिर डूबते हुयेबिस्कुट की निराशा हैं

  • Is Brahmastra a commercial success?

    [read_meter] I love watching movies. One good thing which has happened post lockdown is opening of theatres. While I’ve witnessed a long heavy trail of OTT versus Bollywood going on, I believe it has been a equally bad year for both (in fact, for most businesses as disposable income has reduced) Nonetheless, if you are […]

  • blob tree

    Whatever you are feeling is valid. I first learned about the Blob tree or the emotional wheel couple of months back. Often, popular media teaches us that we are allowed to feel a single emotion in a particular face of life. Most movies and books depict emotions singularly and not in their multi-faceted form as […]

  • It dint start with you – Mark Wolynn | book review

    It was my younger sibling’s birthday three weeks back. I got an opportunity to interact with my grandfather after months, and my grandfather was barely two years old when his family migrated from rasheedpur, Punjab (now Pakistan). while he has little memory of what would happen during those days, when his entire family suddenly had […]

  • Will the Pitru Paksha impact sales across the country?

    Growing up, I assumed the grieving period which starts right after Ganesh Visarjan is a localised phenomenon which we see only in Gwalior. Last few days, I was surprised to learn how multiple experts have commented on this period and are evaluating the sales for the next two weeks.  Pitru Paksha or Shradh or Kadve […]

  • Is the funding winter over?

    D2C Funding September 2022 (1st-10th September) Is the funding winter over? In the first ten days of September, D2C brands have raised more than 17 M USD. This signals investors confidence in D2C as a sector and the changing consumer preference toward online shopping. Here are the brands which raised funds this September: 1. Akshayakalpa […]

  • How is daalchini changing the retail space?

    This Vending Machine start up caught my eye today. Daalchini – a vending machine start up closed the FY 22 with 12 crores in revenue. With the digital retail space changing continuously, it’s interesting to look at what Daalchini is building with it’s tech-integrated Vending Machines. Started by Prerna Kalra to solve a simple problem […]

  • Attached Book Review

    I would not put this one in “I love this book” category and yet I would highly recommend you to read it. More than a book, Attached is a toolkit for people with different attachment styles – Anxious, Avoidant & Secure. Being someone with an anxious attachment style, secured style does seem imaginary. I align […]

  • you have arrived

    since you have arrived, the dust & cobwebs settled on our hearts and spine, have washed away, with a fresh monsoon breeze, tanzim has started to go out on walks, and count trees, woken up from his deep slumber, picking up the petals from the roadside, still fencing with his demons, who have a mind […]

  • Psychology of Money | Book Review

    One of the first things Economics textbooks teach you is this sentence – “Economics is rational management of scarce resources” It’s pleasing to finally have someone in popular literature redefining this sentence, @Morgan in his books says “You are not a spreadsheet. You are a person. A screwed up emotional person” Almost a decade that […]

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