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  • Virtue of Patience

    One thing which business textbooks need to teach is the value of patience. Once you start analyzing different industries, you’d notice how the point of optimal scale for each industry varies on a time graph depending on multiple factors. For tech, it’s relatively early because of the disruption capabilities and possibility of low-cost distribution. For […]

  • Books I’ve read in 2022

    One of the best things I did for myself was continue reading this year. Like writer’s block, I sometimes find myself stuck with reader’s block and unable to read through a particular book. So for this year, I have a lot of unfinished books, which leave me with a bit of guilt. Here is a […]

  • Stop moving the Goalpost.

    While working towards our personal or work goals, something we often end up doing is – we move the Goalpost further as soon as we reach closer to the goal we had initially set. For instance, let’s look at Amad’s story. Amad started a Kirana Store in a Tier 2 City. Amad sets the first […]

  • why is training important at startups?

    Training is one of the most important processes while building your organisation from the ground up. Once you hit your MVP and start scaling, the second step after hiring, which becomes crucial, is having training processes and SOPs that would help your team leverage the founder’s experience. Being from a small city and starting at […]

  • December has been gloomy.

    If you are a regular reader here, you’d have noticed I have been MIA since past one week or so. The first ten days of December have not been very kind healthwise, it was a struggle with dental health and I have been prescribed a root canal treatment which will be happening in coming weeks. […]

  • do pharma companies need to market their products?

    In the last few years, from 2017 to 2019, due to a chronic illness I suffered from, plus a few other close family cases – I got a chance to experience the Indian Health and Pharmaceutical sector up close. And it isn’t all roses and sunshine. Last night, while reading about the recent debate about […]

  • D2C Funding Report | November

    Week 1 These D2C brands have raised 62.19 Million USD in the last week. 1. Boat The legendary consumer electronics brand has delayed its IPO, likely due to the current economic scenario ( and raised 500 Crores from Warburg Pincus and Malabar Investments. Given the current scale of INR 3000 crore for FY 22, this […]

  • ott wars

    I was surprised when my fourteen-year-old cousin switched to JioCinema on his smart tv to watch the FIFA World Cup. In the last few years, Disney Hotstar has become the go-to destination for millions to stream anything related to sports. This year is different. Reliance-backed Viacom18 bought the streaming rights for IPL – the Indian […]

  • Stop chasing KPIs

    This is unpopular advice coming from regular experiences with brands chasing KPIs instead of qualitative metrics and weaving beautiful stories. I have observed how brands nowadays are trying to reach their numerical goals; however, in that race, somewhere, we forget that each customer we interact with is a unique individual with a very different story. […]

  • scale of success

    How can the scale of success be uniform for everyone? In high school, there used to be a scholars club – everyone who scored above ninety-five per cent would get an “I am such cool scholars badge” and a fancy-ass party in a hotel. Then began the race of getting into the fantastic club; being […]

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