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  • less is more, always

    The last three days have helped me rewind, unpack and go back to the philosophy of “Anichya”. Anichya means impermanence, a reminder of the true nature of the universe. We live in constant flux, moment-to-moment experiencing a new reality. And, often so quickly, we get attached to one form of “moh” or another, to the […]

  • how do you build wealth?

    I’ve spent the second half of my teenage life and early twenties – trying to find an answer to this question. The first thing I learnt was the concept of Financial Independence. What does Financial Independence mean? To have enough income to pay for your short-term expenses. Income = or > Expenses It attempts to […]

  • adapting to changes

    I am very spontaneous as a person. Despite that spontaneity which allows me to learn and continue to wear multiple hats, I’ve sometimes been resistant to changes. Resistance may not be the best word – I should say that I take time to adjust to changes, especially changes gradually introduced into my routine. I have […]

  • Amrutam’s first Pop Up in Bangalore

    Almost five years back, in 2018 – Stuti and I took a thirty-six hours long train journey to participate in the Sanjeevani Ayush Health Festival organised by TV House Network in Bangalore. All of us at Amrutam , have a strange relationship with Namma Bengaluru – the city keeps calling us back. I had returned from Bangalore only in […]

  • Returns Problem of Indian E-Commerce

    After interacting with 1000+ Amrutam community members, I learnt an important lesson about the returns problem in India. Varying from industry to industry, online brands on average face 15% to 40% returns month-on-month. Why does this happen? This is what the majority of our customers shared when we started asking them about the issue of the returns […]

  • i am deep underwater

    I wonder why universities don’t include Bukowski’s works in the curriculum. Being the poetry nerds that we are, three of us orchestrated a mini spoken word session in our evening meeting today. (Inspired by “so you want to be a writer?” – Charles Bukowski) From times when words have been our source of inspiration, a […]

  • customer happiness can drive growth

    I spoke to one of our customers today. We had missed sending one of the items she had ordered in her package. As soon as I picked up the call, she started sharing the details of her order – the AWB number and the missing item. I was spellbound; she knew our processes so well. […]

  • sustainable growth

    This small belief has allowed us to grow sustainably over the past five years. When Amrutam was reinvented back in 2017, all of our very bullish on Amrutam Malts. Malts are Ayurvedic Jams infused with herbs and dry fruits, these are exceptionally good for health, immunity and also aid in digestion.  We have this unwavering belief in […]

  • Learnings from Rage Coffee’s Journey

    I started listening to business podcasts this year during the summer.  While going on my evening/morning walk, listening to founders and their journeys is exciting.  One of my favourite podcasts is hosted by Siddhartha Ahluwalia, 100X VC. Today morning, I listened to Bharat‘s journey, a D2C veteran. Bharat built PosterGully right after college and knew from the start that he […]

  • on experiments

    Before our customers started ordering at We tried, tested and learnt from at a lot of experiments. While working on our multiple strategies, we always set up our hypothesis. We consciously write down our assumptions and run tests. Some of these tests can be back-breaking and gut wrenching because there is no way to peek […]

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