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  • future of indian economy

    I was amused to learn this from my Gen-Z cousins. As per 2021 stats, the contribution of the tertiary (services) sector to India’s GDP has been the highest – almost 54%. Agriculture is at 20.19% and Industry/Manufacturing at 25.92% These exciting figures speak volumes about what development will look like for our country in the […]

  • interesting facts about indian coffee house

    I love how Indian Coffee House operates. You’d be surprised to learn this about Indian Coffee House: – ICH is an eighty-six year old co-operative – First outlet of ICH was started in 1936 at Churchgate, Mumbai – Due to change in policies, ICH had to shut down operations in 1950’s – Communist leader, Shri […]

  • interesting facts about miniso

    I visited a Miniso store today evening. And was surprised to learn this: 1. Miniso has 5000+ stores in 40 countries. 2. Started by Ye Guofu & Miyake Junya in 2013, Miniso’s initial thesis was that physical economy will thrive in future. 3. Miniso recently completed their 200 stores milestone in India. 4. In 2021 […]

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