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  • self looking glass

    I have been pondering about the “Self-Looking Glass” concept; we learnt this in the first year of our Sociology classes. Charles Horton Cooley, an American Sociologist, developed this exciting theory about perception in his paper – “Human Nature and Order.” Interestingly, this glass talks about how we perceive the reality of self through a social […]

  • intellectualisation as a defence mechanism

    It has taken me almost four years to accept that intellectualization or over-reliance on logical thinking can be a defence mechanism too. How did this habit of rationalization/intellectualization/logical thinking process begin? During high school, a fundamental form/source of learning for me was via books, which is the primary route through which I started to make […]

  • The Burnout pandemic is snowballing.

    One in Four corporate employees is showing signs of burnout & anxiety. Why is this happening? “Toxic workplace culture” has become the most significant cause of this pandemic. People are: • Tired of not being heard• Afraid of failure• Confused about their role• Afraid of the Grapevine What can you do to stop the burnout […]

  • why will it take 70+ years to solve the mental health problem of india?

    India currently has 9000 psychiatrists, 2000 psychiatric nurses, 1000 clinical psychologists, and 1000 psychiatric social workers, as per a study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry. 14% of the Indian Population required Mental Health Intervention. (The National Mental Health Survey 2016) It would take us an average of 67 years to have the required […]

  • rest is productive

    I turned twenty-six yesterday and I did this for myself. Over the past five years, workspaces have evolved over apps like whatsapp.  On an average day, I receive 1k+ messages – some where I play an active role and some where I am just a participant. And if you have grown and evolved with your […]

  • Tabula Rasa

    I learned about this concept yesterday while listening to Carl Jung’s documentary. Tabula Rasa means that at birth, we are all born with an empty state of mind (possibly similar to samadhi), with no preconceived notions and goals about life, without any exposure to the social constructs we embody as we grow. Jung’s words directed […]

  • Whatever you are feeling is valid.

    Whatever you are feeling is valid. I first learned about the Blob tree or the emotional wheel couple of months back. Often, popular media teaches us that we are allowed to feel a single emotion in a particular face of life.Most movies and books depict emotions singularly and not in their multi-faceted form as they […]

  • Do you find it difficult to ask for help?

    Do you find it difficult to ask for help? A lot of us find it difficult to ask for help. We can’t proactively approach someone to help us out, be it through therapy, or even just talking to a loved one. Therapize is redefining the way people engage with their mental healthcare every day. It aims […]

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