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  • Stop chasing KPIs

    This is unpopular advice coming from regular experiences with brands chasing KPIs instead of qualitative metrics and weaving beautiful stories. I have observed how brands nowadays are trying to reach their numerical goals; however, in that race, somewhere, we forget that each customer we interact with is a unique individual with a very different story. […]

  • scale of success

    How can the scale of success be uniform for everyone? In high school, there used to be a scholars club – everyone who scored above ninety-five per cent would get an “I am such cool scholars badge” and a fancy-ass party in a hotel. Then began the race of getting into the fantastic club; being […]

  • i deleted instagram

    I deleted Instagram because of this trend which is showing up for internet-based messengers, and social media platforms are shifting to freemium models instead of relying on ad revenue. Telegram and Snapchat launched their freemium plans in the past few months. This also feels like a healthy trend because ad frequency has been multiplying on […]

  • this year has been tough for small businessess

    This year has been tough for small businesses. The more I interact with founders and leadership teams, the more I find a common thread of challenges that have hit SMEs and internet businesses due to global economic and geopolitical situations. While the macro state of affairs can have strong and gut-wrenching effects on a business, […]

  • self looking glass

    I have been pondering about the “Self-Looking Glass” concept; we learnt this in the first year of our Sociology classes. Charles Horton Cooley, an American Sociologist, developed this exciting theory about perception in his paper – “Human Nature and Order.” Interestingly, this glass talks about how we perceive the reality of self through a social […]

  • dabur plans to acquire badshah masala

    Dabur recently announced its plans to acquire Badshah Masala. The Burman family started creating a go-to name for everything Ayurveda a hundred and twenty years back. Ayurveda, as a market, still at large, is unorganized and unregulated because:• Lack of emphasis/funds devoted to R&D• Unavailability of modern documentation around Ayurvedic Treatments• The Pharma Bros muscling […]

  • intellectualisation as a defence mechanism

    It has taken me almost four years to accept that intellectualization or over-reliance on logical thinking can be a defence mechanism too. How did this habit of rationalization/intellectualization/logical thinking process begin? During high school, a fundamental form/source of learning for me was via books, which is the primary route through which I started to make […]

  • how do you build wealth?

    I’ve spent the second half of my teenage life and early twenties – trying to find an answer to this question. The first thing I learnt was the concept of Financial Independence. What does Financial Independence mean? To have enough income to pay for your short-term expenses. Income = or > Expenses It attempts to […]

  • adapting to changes

    I am very spontaneous as a person. Despite that spontaneity which allows me to learn and continue to wear multiple hats, I’ve sometimes been resistant to changes. Resistance may not be the best word – I should say that I take time to adjust to changes, especially changes gradually introduced into my routine. I have […]

  • i love to fail

    I have failed at countless things. Somewhere along this journey, trying out multiple things – with sheer curiosity and enthusiasm has become a healthy habit which has taught me to embrace failures. A few days back, I was thinking about one such failure that had a massive impact on my journey and changed how I […]

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