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  • i am deep underwater

    I wonder why universities don’t include Bukowski’s works in the curriculum. Being the poetry nerds that we are, three of us orchestrated a mini spoken word session in our evening meeting today. (Inspired by “so you want to be a writer?” – Charles Bukowski) From times when words have been our source of inspiration, a […]

  • पार्ले जी बिस्कुट

    ज़िंदगी एक चायें,में डूबे पार्ले जी बिस्कुट,की तरह हो गयी है कुछ सपने हैंकुछ तन्हाई हैं पहले चायें की सिसकियोंका मज़ा हैं फिर डूबते हुयेबिस्कुट की निराशा हैं

  • you have arrived

    since you have arrived, the dust & cobwebs settled on our hearts and spine, have washed away, with a fresh monsoon breeze, tanzim has started to go out on walks, and count trees, woken up from his deep slumber, picking up the petals from the roadside, still fencing with his demons, who have a mind […]

  • i would never write to you

    for all the letters,i would never write to you i would write a poem,at odd hours, like at 5:49 am,after waking upfrom a vivid dream,about you i am tempted,to let my musclememory – findyour name,in my contact listand tell you how i saw yougetting married,in a beautiful redlehenga with starry gold sequenceand you send mepictures […]

  • teleportation

    i pop a pill,rest my headon the oldpillow and waves startcrashing withinmy head,smooth waves, releasing the contractions i walk into abar, i see you not you, someoneelse someone who wants meto write longletters to them, i am scared,i walk down the atticand it gets darkerand darker with every flight of stares and when i reachthe […]

  • empathy shoes

    i will makemyself small and fit inmy big empathyshoes i am listening,i can fit you too,and yes you as well i can fit in,your worries aboutthat new dress in the mall i can fit in,your pain, your fightswith your friend yes, lend meyour hand,i can fit you inwithin my empathy shoes i will make myself […]

  • washing clothes

    i have startedenjoyingwashing my clothes, coming home,walking pastthe two hot emptyrooms, then going backto the balcony,grabbing my towel and then,sitting on the small chair,pouring my clothes ina bucketful of water, watching the dirt mixin the bucket, watchingsoap bubbles foam upand for a momentinnocently staring at the yatches on my shorts and then as i pourwater […]

  • let love flow

    i have deletedall the calls logs,all our messages,the images i have deletedour memories,because it startedto hurta little too much i know, you triedand i did too,to love eachother but somewhere inbetween, my love floodedway too strongly foryou somewhere the spacein between our love, becametoo less we were bothgasping to breathe, andto be loved but wecould […]

  • between harry & tanzim

    tanzim asked harry “dear harrywhy is itso easy for everyoneto leave me, every timei start anticipatingthat love will arrive,it leaves leaves me bleeding,with all my woundsopen again,the stiches openingwith each word exchanged. oh i understand, harry!i am not perfect,sometimes i make my loved onesangry..i am sorry about that, harry! i will be a good boy, […]

  • मैं टूट रहा हूं, मगर

    कितना कुछ कहना चाहता हूं,कोशिश भी की,तुम्हे लिखने की, आज सुबहमगर शब्द कही खो गए है,कहा से शुरुआत करू,मुझे मालूम नहीं। कोशिश कर रहा हूं,की कुछ बिना कहे हीकुछ कह पाऊं,महर शब्द बिना कैसे कहूं। शायद मैंने कभी,सीखा ही नहीं,ईश्क करना, और मोहब्बततो शायद मेरे शब्दोंमें ही खो गई। सोचा था, कुछ होगा,मगर ऐसा होगा, […]

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