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  • Books I’ve read in 2022

    One of the best things I did for myself was continue reading this year. Like writer’s block, I sometimes find myself stuck with reader’s block and unable to read through a particular book. So for this year, I have a lot of unfinished books, which leave me with a bit of guilt. Here is a […]

  • December has been gloomy.

    If you are a regular reader here, you’d have noticed I have been MIA since past one week or so. The first ten days of December have not been very kind healthwise, it was a struggle with dental health and I have been prescribed a root canal treatment which will be happening in coming weeks. […]

  • intellectualisation as a defence mechanism

    It has taken me almost four years to accept that intellectualization or over-reliance on logical thinking can be a defence mechanism too. How did this habit of rationalization/intellectualization/logical thinking process begin? During high school, a fundamental form/source of learning for me was via books, which is the primary route through which I started to make […]

  • how do you build wealth?

    I’ve spent the second half of my teenage life and early twenties – trying to find an answer to this question. The first thing I learnt was the concept of Financial Independence. What does Financial Independence mean? To have enough income to pay for your short-term expenses. Income = or > Expenses It attempts to […]

  • adapting to changes

    I am very spontaneous as a person. Despite that spontaneity which allows me to learn and continue to wear multiple hats, I’ve sometimes been resistant to changes. Resistance may not be the best word – I should say that I take time to adjust to changes, especially changes gradually introduced into my routine. I have […]

  • i love to fail

    I have failed at countless things. Somewhere along this journey, trying out multiple things – with sheer curiosity and enthusiasm has become a healthy habit which has taught me to embrace failures. A few days back, I was thinking about one such failure that had a massive impact on my journey and changed how I […]

  • the myth of statistics

    β€œThere are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” We are living in a data-obsessed world now. Everything we do is rationalised, put on weights with the help of data. We are counting the steps we walk each day to improve our health. I recently met my childhood friends during Diwali night, and […]

  • i stopped using the Internet for forty-eight hours

    I stopped using the Internet for forty-eight hours. It’s fascinating to observe how intermeshed our lives are with the constant signalling we receive from the Internet. Every five minutes, a notification pops up, asking for your attention. Have you ever tried to live without the Internet consciously? For me, I observed these three things happening […]

  • why routine is important

    I have been a great fan of “routine” since high school. While riding the school bus, I would carry this small diary with me and write down things to do, things I want to work on, etc, in it. I believe routine is another reason I miss school and university so strongly even after six […]

  • principle of shamelessness

    Last month I read a US VC’s post complimenting Indian founders on their “Never Give Up” attitude, he said he is bullish on Indian founders because we are “extremely shameless”. At first, it was hard to think of this statement as a compliment to Indian leaders and founders. Shame has become a toxic cultural by-product […]

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