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  • i quit my job

    I quit my job because I was unhappy. Five years back, in November 2017 – I left my first job because I was unhappy and also because my family needed me back at home. It is a difficult choice to make, to decide and leave someplace – you began calling home just five months back. […]

  • What helps you create as an Artist?

    What helps you create as an Artist? What is the process you follow? And, how do you create art in groups? Modern brands of India are nothing less than artists telling stories. This week, all of us at Amrutam collaborated to come up and tell a story.  We started with creating a white space to […]

  • i am deep underwater

    I wonder why universities don’t include Bukowski’s works in the curriculum. Being the poetry nerds that we are, three of us orchestrated a mini spoken word session in our evening meeting today. (Inspired by “so you want to be a writer?” – Charles Bukowski) From times when words have been our source of inspiration, a […]

  • career advice for my twenty year old self

    When I started my professional journey five and a half years back, I had one single goal – being financially independent. If I could offer one career advice to my twenty-year-old self or any other twenty-year-old who is starting out their professional journey, it would be this: • You can have multiple goals & skills […]

  • moving back to my hometown

    moving back to my hometown

    1821 days back, in 2017 I took a major decision. After four long happy years in the Silicon Valley of India, I decided to move back to my hometown Gwalior. I was born and raised in Gwalior, my ancestors had moved here in the 1960s after the chaos of partition. And finally, we chose this […]

  • i love traditional businesses

    As a twelve-year-old, I got associated with one. My family has been in the retail clothing business for over three generations. My ancestors migrated from a small village named Rasheedpur in Punjab (now in Pakistan). They moved after the partition, trying to find a stable livelihood in various cities – Panipat, Hisar, and finally, we […]

  • Bottom Up vs. Top Down

    I’ve discussed these two approaches at length with my peers. Bottom Up vs. Top Down In the bottom-up approach, you start from scratch – understanding: • the theory• key variables involved• understanding the whole system in and out• gather all required resources And in a top-down approach: • you work with what you have got• […]

  • evenings with yash | e2

    When I released the first episode of my podcast, I dint know that so many people from the west would like to learn about eastern philosophy. In the first episode, I talk about my experience with Vipassanā and how it has been a life changing experience for me. Vipassanā is a buddhist meditation technique which […]

  • rest is productive

    I turned twenty-six yesterday and I did this for myself. Over the past five years, workspaces have evolved over apps like whatsapp.  On an average day, I receive 1k+ messages – some where I play an active role and some where I am just a participant. And if you have grown and evolved with your […]

  • blob tree

    Whatever you are feeling is valid. I first learned about the Blob tree or the emotional wheel couple of months back. Often, popular media teaches us that we are allowed to feel a single emotion in a particular face of life. Most movies and books depict emotions singularly and not in their multi-faceted form as […]

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