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  • Will the Pitru Paksha impact sales across the country?

    Growing up, I assumed the grieving period which starts right after Ganesh Visarjan is a localised phenomenon which we see only in Gwalior. Last few days, I was surprised to learn how multiple experts have commented on this period and are evaluating the sales for the next two weeks.  Pitru Paksha or Shradh or Kadve […]

  • something like a quarter life crisis

    last two weeks have been very difficult, last two days were relatively better.i am happy that we talked today, even though it was just a few messages. it’s just nice to hear from you. i am curled up in my blanket right now, hitting the virtual keyboard with my drunk thumb. listening to “when we […]

  • complete in yourself

    good morning t,how are you? i know it has been hard getting up and getting out of bed. i know you feel hurt and are in a lot of pain. it’s okay to feel the pain. you are safe. you are complete in yourself.

  • keep holding on

    i met d at the gym today, he was in my school. it’s been ten years and i dint expect him to remember me. he left school in ninth grade i think and i have never seen him around after that and i never thought of him. but he remembered me. at the gym, when […]

  • my own bully

    i am a good boy,i will tell you a story today,about the ying and yang, about the parts of me – which keep fighting within, about tanzim and me – about the bully and the victim. yes, i was bullied once,in school – at the basketball court,i was beaten up, left of the floor,in tears […]

  • long letter

    do you like long letters? i was about to write one to you last night at 3 am. a birthday month letter or may be a birthday letter. as you can read now, i did not suceed and i am trying again. trying again to write, to bolster away the frozen layers from heart and […]

  • letter from me

    in my dream, in wrote you a letter. i am awake now, the tv and radio both are playing around me, my father is the first to get up in our house and then i get up too. the weather has been humid, over the last couple of week. my eyes are still a little […]

  • i surrender

    i have been trying to breathe but it seems like there is no more fresh air to breathe, my lungs gasp. seeking for a fresh breath, fighting anxiety.yes, you are right-there is no need to fight and yet, i fight. i fight and fight and fight. it’s tiring to be this way to be honest, […]

  • fighting instant gratification

    i am not sure about the timeline, as in when this started but off late – for many many many years. this has been going on. these cycles of instant gratification. the cycle of constantly chasing something, constantly trying to be somewhere and fighting with your inner self. the cycles of instant gratifaction make me […]

  • on ayurveda & experiments

    ever since i was a kid, i was drawn towards mysticism, towards ideas of consciousness, nirvana, spirituality and of historical wisdom which my ancestors have to offer. i have seen my dada ji (grandfather – i call him badepapa) using neem stick for brushing his teeth, drinking loki (bottlegourd) & karela (bittergourd) juice and honestly […]

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