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  • Inventing Anna | Review

    A couple of weeks back I watched Inventing Anna on Netflix, friends from Amrutam had recommended me to add this show to my must-watch list and I must say the show kept me hooked till the end. Anna’s story also reminded me of Frank Abagnale’s story, which I watched long back in Catch Me If You Can. […]

  • Introduction to Internal Family Systems by Richard C. Shwartz | Book Review

    This week I have been reading Introduction to Internal Family Systems by Richard C. Shwartz. I was introduced to Internal Family Systems approach sometime last year. And it instantly reconnected me with my experience during the ten-day Vipassana course. What is Internal Family Systems? Schwartz in 1980s was a family therapist and while working with […]

  • Is Brahmastra a commercial success?

    [read_meter] I love watching movies. One good thing which has happened post lockdown is opening of theatres. While I’ve witnessed a long heavy trail of OTT versus Bollywood going on, I believe it has been a equally bad year for both (in fact, for most businesses as disposable income has reduced) Nonetheless, if you are […]

  • It dint start with you – Mark Wolynn | book review

    It was my younger sibling’s birthday three weeks back. I got an opportunity to interact with my grandfather after months, and my grandfather was barely two years old when his family migrated from rasheedpur, Punjab (now Pakistan). while he has little memory of what would happen during those days, when his entire family suddenly had […]

  • Attached Book Review

    I would not put this one in “I love this book” category and yet I would highly recommend you to read it. More than a book, Attached is a toolkit for people with different attachment styles – Anxious, Avoidant & Secure. Being someone with an anxious attachment style, secured style does seem imaginary. I align […]

  • Psychology of Money | Book Review

    One of the first things Economics textbooks teach you is this sentence – “Economics is rational management of scarce resources” It’s pleasing to finally have someone in popular literature redefining this sentence, @Morgan in his books says “You are not a spreadsheet. You are a person. A screwed up emotional person” Almost a decade that […]

  • Book I’ve read in 2022 (Pt. 1)

    After the second half of 2021, I switched from reading business books to Mental Health as a genre and with Paul Kalanithi’s memoir When Breathe Becomes Air, I got a chance to dabble in philosophy as well. Here are the books I’ve read in the first six months of 2022: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine […]

  • the white tiger | movie review

    the white tiger directed by ramin bahrani, featuring rajkumar rao, priyanka chopra and adarsh gourav is thriller rollcoaster – it begins with an inspiritational sort of a vibe with scenes from balram (adarsh’s) childhood – where a guest in his school recognizes him as a white tiger as someone who is there break the usual […]

  • the new boy in the city

    i watched wake up sid in school, i don’t exactly remember how old i was when i watched it but it was this movie which did shape up expectations about a city. more or less, yeah. there are some personal reasons why i could personally relate to sid an d ayesha. especially with ayesha. she […]

  • thappad – movie review

    bollywood movie review thappad

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