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  • apple’s privacy policy

    I started to believe in Apple’s latest privacy policy because of this one incident. At first, I was sceptical of the changes which came about in 2021. Apple started giving all its users an option to avoid being tracked by advertisers, and this, as a consequence, has led to massive losses for Facebook and also […]

  • future of technology

    Yesterday evening I spent two hours talking to my neighbour about technology and the future. I was amazed to learn this: — Google in September 2021 blocked accounts of the Afghanistan government officials to prevent the Taliban from accessing these accounts. Afghan Ministries of Finance, Industry, Higher Education, and Mines used Google’s Servers to manage […]

  • ONDC is confusing.

    ONDC is confusing. So was UPI when it was first released in 2016. The concept of e-wallets was first pioneered by the likes of Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik. The initial payments infrastructure supported bill payments and mobile recharges primarily. And, the experience for Peer-to-Peer was very different from what it is today. If you had to […]

  • What is CTA?

    What is CTA? Why is Call to Action (CTA) important? I got the below notification from a wellness related app I recently downloaded. While the content of this notification is engaging. It does not do the following: 1. Induces me as a user to engage with the App. 2. Tells anything specific about what the […]

  • how to install an ssl on your wordpress website

    i migrated to aws ec2 server from wordpress in april 2020 (learn here why i did that) and since then i have been trying to install an ssl certificate on my website/blog – thebohemianwandarer. i devote only 5-10 hours monthly on my blog, and installing an ssl has been a challenge as a wordpress beginner […]

  • how to get rid of spam on your wordpress blog

    i opened my wp dashboard today after months and was horrified to see 10k+ spam comments. on one hand, these spam comments indicate that my blog – thebohemianwandarer is showing up on google results but at the same time – spam is spam! so what do we do? how do we fight these spam bots? […]

  • why i migrated from to amazon aws

    last night, i finally completed migrating from to aws. i had set up my blog on in the year 2018 and before that i used to use for my blog – the blog was called spilling the bright ink. if you enjoy writing, as much as i do and are looking for […]

  • lightbulb js

    Just learning javascript So, friends what is javascript? From what I read on w3 schools, JavaScript helps in changing the behaviour of content on webpages. For example, if on a basic webpage i want to change content using the click of a button, i will use javascript. Now, let me show you some magic ON […]

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