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  • मैं टूट रहा हूं, मगर

    कितना कुछ कहना चाहता हूं,कोशिश भी की,तुम्हे लिखने की, आज सुबहमगर शब्द कही खो गए है,कहा से शुरुआत करू,मुझे मालूम नहीं। कोशिश कर रहा हूं,की कुछ बिना कहे हीकुछ कह पाऊं,महर शब्द बिना कैसे कहूं। शायद मैंने कभी,सीखा ही नहीं,ईश्क करना, और मोहब्बततो शायद मेरे शब्दोंमें ही खो गई। सोचा था, कुछ होगा,मगर ऐसा होगा, […]

  • my own bully

    i am a good boy,i will tell you a story today,about the ying and yang, about the parts of me – which keep fighting within, about tanzim and me – about the bully and the victim. yes, i was bullied once,in school – at the basketball court,i was beaten up, left of the floor,in tears […]

  • letter from me

    in my dream, in wrote you a letter. i am awake now, the tv and radio both are playing around me, my father is the first to get up in our house and then i get up too. the weather has been humid, over the last couple of week. my eyes are still a little […]

  • a cup of chai

    i sat with my family, my father and brother, with heavy heart, it’s been twenty, forty, i don’t know, how many days, since the lockdown, we sit with our dreamy eyes and hearts lit with passion, to do something, as we sit together, over a cup of chai, it’s only now that i’ve learnt- how […]

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