Tag: madness

  • my own bully

    i am a good boy,i will tell you a story today,about the ying and yang, about the parts of me – which keep fighting within, about tanzim and me – about the bully and the victim. yes, i was bullied once,in school – at the basketball court,i was beaten up, left of the floor,in tears […]

  • 5th march 2020

    i am having a bad day today, okay, let’s say very bad day. something happened at work today and something upsets me. something is always my attachment. past two weeks have been happy, not content. but happy. happy is good. happy is overwhelming. it was my bestest friend’s birthday recently. i say bestest because it […]

  • i dont think i am doing well, i feel how i’ve felt most of my life. i feel lost and hollow, and that’s the truth. does my sadness upsets you? actually it would be wrong to say that i am sad. i am hollow, swimming on the brim of a tin can, trying to breathe. […]

  • of madness & jungle

    it’s a fucked up life. that’s the first line which comes to my head while i surf through the daily life pressures and dreams. well, i must not forget the dreams. dreams are the stuff thar keeps us alive, keeps us going with the hope that one day. one fucking day, its all gonna be […]

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